Luxury Custom Candles with Your Brand Are Available in Bulk Quantities!

Welcome to Custom Candles L.A.!

Welcome to Custom Candles L.A.!

Your #1 Source for Branded and Personalized Luxury Candles

Laser-Etched, Engraved Custom Candles Proudly handmade in Los Angeles, California

It All Matters. Thank You Renee. Custom Engraved Candle from Custom Candles LA

Custom Thank You's!

Show co-workers or colleagues that they matter with a custom candle from Custom Candles L.A.

The image shows a 14 oz candle from Custom Candles LA with a black vessel. The candle features a detailed black-and-white portrait of a fluffy cat that glows through the glass when the candle is lit. The background includes vibrant pink and orange hues, enhancing the focus on the candle. A wooden lid sits atop the candle, which is unlit. The design is elegant and artistic, appealing to cat lovers.

Engraved and Color-Printed Custom Candles Handmade by Artisans in L.A.

Custom Candles L.A. offers high-quality, highly customizable laser engraved and color printed candles that make unique keepsakes and memorable customized gifts. Our all-natural soy wax is blended with our custom fragrances, and all are handmade in our Los Angeles workshop with the utmost attention to detail. That means each candle is of the highest quality, made just for you! When you are looking for a great custom gift, a custom candle from Custom Candles L.A. is the perfect answer!

Our advanced, state-of-the-art decorating techniques let us create absolutely breathtaking laser-etched candles and gifts that you and your loved ones will cherish forever!

We offer a range of custom candle options for our customers. Customers can choose:

  • Personalized Laser Etching: Laser etching allows the light to shine from within! Our custom candle designs feature permanent customization with names, dates, or special messages, making them perfect for gifts, weddings, corporate events, memorials, births, tributes, or even "just because."
  • Fully Customizable Designs: Customers may choose to upload their own art or logo, or choose from one of our best-selling designs.

3 Types of Custom Candles We Offer

  • Personalized Custom Candles

    Our personalized custom candles allow you to choose your fragrance, color of vessel, and customize one location on our designs: either a personalized lid or add a name directly to the vessel.

  • Premium Personalized Custom Candles

    Our premium personalized custom candles allow you to choose your fragrance, color of vessel, and customize two locations on our designs: both a personalized lid and a name or photo directly on the vessel. We also have full-wrap designs that are etched around the whole vessel.

  • Completely Customized Candles

    Our customized collection allows you to choose your fragrance, color of vessel, and upload your own art to be engraved on both the vessel and lid. These candles are available in bulk discount pricing as well. While our Prayer Candles do not come scented or with lids, they come with a 4-color printed label, and you can choose the color of wax for your design.

  • Glow from the Inside Out!

    Glow from the Inside Out!

    Our "To The Moon and Back" candle is magical!

    Shown here in our full-wrap Iridescent chrome vessel.

"Watching the delicate dance of light and shadow of a laser-etched candle glowing from the inside out is both captivating and magical."

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Custom Candles LA shot of top of Custom Candle Lids and candles

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